• Wholefood Vitamin C

    • Wholefood Vitamin C
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      Wholefood Vitamin C is formulated from an organic ‘Live’ Food matrix. It is a plant based, cell grown complex providing  maximum absorption and bio availability. It is a powerful antioxidant, active in the formation of red blood cells and the production of interferon and anti-stress hormones.

      Wholefood Vitamin C helps combat stress, resist infections and supports natural immune defenses.

      Wholefood Vitamin C also aids in the absorption, assimilation, and metabolism of other vitamins and nutrients.

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    Human and animal bodies cannot manufacture Vitamin C. Stress, alcohol, smoking, analgesics and antidepressants deplete levels of Vitamin C. We are dependent upon our diet for the intake of this vital nutrient. It is a powerful antioxidant, aids the formation of red blood cells, interferon and anti-stress hormones.


    Wholefood Vitamin C helps combat stress, resist infections, and supports natural immune defenses. It plays an important role in absorption, assimilation & metabolism of other nutrients.


    Wholefood Vitamin C is scientifically proven to be much stronger and more effective than USP-grade ascorbic acid (known as Vitamin C). It stays in your blood serum levels longer. 1/2 Tbs. scoop of 500 msg.  equals 6000 mg. of ascorbic acid.


    Additional Benefits:

    • enhances immunity and healing/powerful protector during cold and flu season
    • protects against the harmful effects of pollution
    • maintains collagen production in the connective tissue of our skin
    • protects our ligaments and bones
    • maintains the integrity of the arterial walls and capillaries


    Active Organic non-denatured bioflavonoids:


    Luteolin / Flavanone Glycosides / Flavone Gylcosides / Flavon Agloycones / Naringin / Hesperidin  / Isosinesetin / Neodiosnin / Nobiletin / Neohesoerdin / Rhoifolin / Sinsensetin /  Tangeritine / Neoerioctrin / Tetra-O-Methylisoscutellaren / 5-O-Desmeth-yinobiletin


    Suggested Useage;

    1 Tbs. scoop (1000 mg)  daily or as directed by your health care practitioner.



    220 grams powder  $  68.95