• Liver Support

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      Liver Support was formulated to assist in the revitalization of your Liver organ. This formula helps increase the integrity of the Liver to detoxify and cleanse the blood from toxins due to prescription medications, alcohol and viral infections.

      Liver Support is also helpful for the relief of headaches, allergies, nausea, vomiting and  irritability. It can be taken before sleep to relieve insomnia.

    Liver Support was formulated to assist in the revitalization of your Liver organ. Your liver performs over 500 different functions on a daily basis. This organ, which is actually larger than your brain, is so important that you cannot live without it.


    Your liver makes and store fuel acting like a chemical processing factory to change most of the food that you eat into useable nutrients, and it gets rid of the things that are no use or are toxic.


    Your liver makes glucose from carbohydrates that you eat, i.e., bread, fruit and dairy products. Some of this glucose travels in the blood to the rest of the body where it is used for energy. Some glucose is stored in the liver as glycogen and it is there until your body needs to use extra energy. When you have to run fast, react quickly or have to work your body hard for a long time the stored glucose is uses for energy. The Liver  also helps to keep blood glucose at the right levels which keeps your energy stable.


    The Liver is also in charge of cleansing your blood by removing waste from your body and toxins out of your blood. These may have been made by your body when breaking down proteins, or been brought into your body through breathing or ingesting alcohol, drugs or other harmful substances.


    Your liver sorts things out and changes them chemically into what your body can use and turns what can’t be used into something that dissolves in blood so that it can be carried to the kidneys.


    Your liver also makes bile which it stores in the gall bladder until it need to digest fats. It also converts proteins into amino acids, stores vitamin A, D, K and B12 and iron. Almost 80% of the cholesterol in your body is made by the liver from other fats you have ingested. Cholesterol is a fat that your body needs for normal growth and health.


    Lastly, the Liver breaks down all medications, so your body can quickly use them and then has the job of filtering out the toxins. Drinking too much alcohol for a long time can damage the liver so badly that it cannot do its job and the incidence of Hepatitis A,B and Hepatitis C have been on the rise. Taking care of this important organ is vital to your health.


    Suggested Use:


    1 dropper 3 times daily or as suggested by your health care practitioner.


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